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Are you out of outlets in your living room? Does your new kitchen appliance blow a fuse whenever it's turned on? It may be time to schedule electrical remodeling services from P and T Electric. Our skilled remodeling electricians have offered top-notch services for home and business owners in the Phoenix, AZ area for over 14 years.

Ready to update your electrical system? Call 480-235-9508 now to schedule remodeling services.

Find out what kinds of remodels we can do

Whether you need electrical remodeling services to comply with building codes or add modern appliances, our crew can help. Our professionals have the equipment and expertise required to complete:

  • Bathroom remodels - change your lighting fixtures or install additional outlets
  • Kitchen remodels - upgrade your electrical system before you install new appliances
  • Whole-home remodels - rewire your home during your expansion or renovation project
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